Spread the Music | Virtual Music Festival

Spread the Music

Please join us for a virtual music festival to raise funds and awareness for the Michigan Music Alliance's Michigan Artist Relief Fund! Catch live streams on the hour from your favorite artists, all weekend!



Thursday, March 26th
5:00PM - Aunt Vicki
6:00PM - Diana Ladio of the Moxie Strings
7:00 - Carrie McFerrin
8:00PM- Nathan Walton
9:00PM - Stormy Chromer

Friday, March 27th
11:00AM - Alex Mendenhall
12:00PM - Act Casual
1:00PM - Mark Lavengood
2:00PM - Political Lizard
3:00PM - A Brighter Bloom
4:00PM - Hayes Griffin
5:00PM - Erin Zindle & the Ragbirds
6:00PM - Treeskin
7:00PM - NOTHING SCHEDULED as not to overlap with Stay In Your House Show
8:00PM - NOTHING SCHEDULED as not to overlap with Stay In Your House Show
9:00PM - Birds of Prey
10:00PM - Jake Allen
11:00PM - Amy Love

Saturday, March 28th
11:00AM - Kaitlin Rose
12:00PM - Hannah Baiardi
1:00PM - Ohly
2:00PM - Dave Menzo
3:00PM - Dede Alder
4:00PM - The Marsupials
5:00PM - Nicholas James Thomasa
6:00PM - Sandra Effert & Patty PerShayla
7:00PM - Lipstick Jodi
8:00PM - Max Lockwood
9:00PM - Travis Aukerman
10:00PM - Stephie James
11:00PM - Hannah Rose Graves & Friends

Sunday, March 29th
11:00AM - Escaping Pavement
12:00PM - Gabe Schillman
1:00PM - Oh Brother Big Sister
2:00PM - Samantha Cooper
3:00PM - The Accidentals
4:00PM - Loren Johnson
5:00PM - The Brandino Extravaganza
6:00PM - Sean Miller
7:00PM - Danielle Cosby
8:00PM - Chris DuPont
9:00PM - Joe Chamberlin of FlyLite Gemini
10:00PM - Bedroom Ceilings
11:00PM - Cosmic Knot
*More artists may be announced.